Czarina L.

Czarina is 22-year old Pinay from Washington. She currently attends the University of San Francisco. Keep an eye out for her ultimate dream: an intergenerational music venue!

Pinays are typically seen to be for someone else's pleasure.

For me, it was just wanting to fit in for so long

I straightened my hair as much as i could

I tried to fight these spanish curls.

It was trying not to get in the sun too much It was my mom telling me to wear sun screen  all the time or just stay inside. Don't marry someone who is filipino or dark because you want light skinned babies. Marry someone who is tall with a thin nose so your babies will be tall with a thin nose.

It's trying to unlearn all these things that my mom hasn't unlearned of what of american standards are of beauty. and why are these standards higher for me?

I make all my decisions for me not because I'm supposed to perform or present myself in a certain way or in a certain setting  for someone else's pleasure.

No, my self love started with recognizing, Oh  i have a nice smile, these dimples are my own, no one else has my eyebrows this thick that i hated for so long and slowly that self-love for my appearance turned into self love for actions- the work that i do at school, with my friends and family, things that I'm working to accomplish, the accolades I have. for me, being pinay means tough and tender.