Monika M.

Monika M is a Pinay creative from the Bay. She currently attends the University of San Francisco. Catch her latest art at ________ or find her sipping on a cup of green tea.


What's funny is my parents don't really use Tagalog phrases around me. I mean, They speak Waray, but when they communicate with me, it's not really a Taglish mix for some reason. 

I wish that they did because then I would have more familial context to these phrases that I learn later on. Like utang na loob, I can understand from a conceptual point of view, but it's never something that was explicitly explained to me before.

and it's interesting because my parents really tried to be American and do the American life. Like the other day, my mom, and she even knows I'm taking Tagalog, and also Oo is such a simple word that everyone understands, and I ask her a question. and she answered Oo. I mean yes. I know what that means. you don't need to explain that to me. 

Sometimes I wish they were more comfortable with me being filipino and not as focused on being american. so american that it hurts.